4.5 m / Ø 2.3m


From 4 to 6 persons


With firewood (up to 20cm)

Warming up

within 1-2 hours

Electricity and water

Possible to add


no 80 eur/diennaktī

*Prices may vary on holidays and red dates.

(Sunday to Thursday)



from 90 eur/day

*Prices may vary on holidays and red dates.

( piktdienās un sestdienās) 


Pārvietojamā pirts

Mobile sauna - great relaxation!

Relaxing after a long work week, hearing the rustle of sauna brooms, smelling the intoxicating aroma of the scrub, enjoying being together in the sauna - all this is just a phone call away.

The mobile sauna on the trailer is an excellent solution for real sauna enjoyment and relaxation in a place of your choice. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a sauna adventure together with family, friends, neighbors and other good people at a leisurely pace, warming up together.

The sauna has everything you need to enjoy the rituals: a wood-burning stove with a hearth inside, wooden windows in the sauna, two lavas, built-in ventilation in the sauna and the rest room, a bathtub, cookies and a thermometer. The sauna has its own relaxation area - separated by a glass door. There are benches and a table in the rest room, as well as a shower.

Compared to classic saunas, mobile saunas are smaller, so they are much easier to warm up and it is an opportunity to relax in the sauna in any convenient place for you.


Pirts piegādi līdz Jūsu vēlamajai vietai veicam mēs (Mērsraga robežās piegāde bez maksas). Par atvešanu tiek piemērota samaksa 0,50 eur/ km.