Our story

Already while studying at university, the idea of creating a holiday home in my native Kurzeme, did not leave me. Those many years ago, with a student income, it seemed an unattainable dream. But there is strength in the family. Combining our knowledge and experience, we started working for several years. Today we can share with others. And we want to pass on our good feeling to our guests. Not in vain say 

"The poor is not the one without a cent, but the one without a dream." / H. Kemp /

Our neighborhood

Sandy beach, reed jungle, charming paths in the pine forest, windswept pier, swans, fishing boats and we in the middle of it all. We are 0.9 km from the seaside meadows and the bird-watching tower, 3.2 km from the Mērsrags lighthouse and sandy beach, 2 km from the Mērsrags canal. And where we are not surrounded by the sea, there is Lake Engure, which is popular with anglers.

For environmentally friendly farming

Sorting waste, reducing empty packaging and using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We learn and apply it all in life to the best of our conscience.